Our Expertise

IT Security

With over 20 years of expertise in I.T. Security, we have worked with Fortune 100 and 500 organizations in the implementation of multi-million dollar security solutions for SIEM, WIPS, DLP, IDS/IPS, Firewall Management and more. 


3D Modeling and Design

Some of our work includes 3D design of housing structures for disaster-prone areas, both as a pre and post incident solution. Automating the design customization process, and working in markets of scale to minimize the toll of exposure related fatalities in disaster zones, is one of our signature strengths


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a burgeoning field of IT, recently moved from the research arena into widespread use. We specialize in machine learning in the realm of predictive modelling. Some of our projects have garnered substantial interest from federal agencies for the unique approach it has taken, which outshines current methodologies.

IT Management

We can manage your IT network whether you're an office of 3 or an office of 500. We can design your IT infrastructure from the ground up, we can manage and optimize your existing IT systems and serve as a point of contact for your employees. 

Mobile App Development

Have an idea for a new app? We work with you to develop and code your idea into reality. The level of attention given to your project, and its success is our priority. We will help you whiteboard the appearance, map out your logic, and most importantly secure your app, your data, and your customers' data.

Financial Markets

Have the next greatest idea for an indicator or automated trading strategy on ThinkOrSwim / NinjaTrader / Tradestation? Let us program it for you. We've created hundreds of indicators for retail and institutional trading firms. We additionally have created outstanding algorithms for large hedge-funds.